Demi Dischert

Insights Coordinator at The Goat Agency

BY: Demi Dischert 08/06/2022

Logitech Is The Latest Arrival To The Metaverse. Discover What They’re Doing & How Roblox Is Shaping Virtual Branded Experiences

Logitech are the latest arrivals to the Metaverse. Discover what they're doing, what Roblox is doing right and where the Metaverse is heading!
BY: Demi Dischert 03/03/2022

Pinterest and E-Commerce: Is The Platform Converting Consumers Across Social?

Pinterest is a platform often overlooked by marketers and brands. It’s true that the platform doesn’t boast the monthly active users of the likes of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok. However, the potential of Pinterest lies with the e-commerce capabilities and where Pinterest fits into the consumer journey for product discovery and research. In