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BY: Eliza Borrett 10/05/2021

Exploring The Clubhouse Phenomenon: Everything You Need To Know About Audio Only On Social

Clubhouse is the app everyone has been talking about in 2021. Not only are we seeing public figures such as Elon Musk breaking room limits on the platform, but a rise in other social platforms developing their own audio-only features. The pandemic has created a prolonged period of isolation and fatigue staring at our screens.
BY: Eliza Borrett 06/05/2021

The World Of Virtual Influencers – Is This A Glimpse Into The Future Of Influencer Marketing?

Virtual influencers have been around for some time now, and continue to intrigue those who stumble across them. From CGI influencers, VTubers and our obsession with creating our own digital avatars, technology that develops a digital persona is something that is fascinating and a developing trend across social media and influencer marketing. In fact, even