Filming at Mercedes-Benz World

Boring vehicles, slow cars, speed limits, and rules. If you’re thankful for any of these things, Mercedes-Benz World is absolutely not the place for you.

It took me all of 3.5 seconds, not coincidentally the same time it takes @rokenr’s AMG GTR to reach 60mph, to figure out this wasn’t going to be a bad day at the office. Flying from the Mercedes-Benz showroom in Brentwood to Mercedes World in Weybridge, cameramen hanging out the window to film all angles of the green machine and a secret black Mercedes newly acquired by @Shmee150, (yet to be unveiled); the day was off to a decent start.

Once welcomed to Mercedes-Benz World by the fantastic team there, we were taken into the private AMG suit for a full briefing of the festivities to follow. All sorts of forms and contracts had to be signed by participants; driver’s licence check, if you break it you pay for it, if you fly around a corner at 120mph and flip 20 times, you can’t sue etc etc.

This is where the fun really begins. We had an entire track exclusively to ourselves for 15 minutes during a packed day (we turned this into about 45 minutes, sorry Mercedes), to do whatever we wanted. We sent people who REALLY know how to drive around the Mercedes track and the result: Some drone footage out of this world, some dashboard cams just about hanging on for life… and thousands of pounds down the drain in shredded tires.

Covering the day, we had a drone zipping around the sky, 3 DSRL’s – a mixture of Sony’s and Cannon’s, as well as about 6 Go Pro’s and their Sony equivalents. We came out with IG story content, various Facebook, Twitter and IG posts, as well as 3 Vlogs that have combined to do just about 1 million views on YouTube alone since.

We raised certain clients YouTube subscriber numbers by up to 15,000 off the back of these collaborations, showcasing the power of influencer collaborations on social media when implemented correctly.

Check out some videos of us filming;

Mercedez-Benz World – Just hanging out

Mercedez-Benz World – Round the bend?

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