3 Top Tips for Food and Drink Influencer Campaigns

It’s a part of our everyday life and if you’re anything like me, you have some kind of snack on hand 24/7. But how can you find the best influencers for your food and drink brand, and what sort of campaign should you run to ensure your product is the one they reach for?

At Goat we’ve run campaigns for everyone from Gousto and Graze to Beefeater and Malibu. Whether it’s making you the summer drinks brand of the year or driving people to try your delicious menu, Goat has created every kind of food and drink influencer campaign. So what techniques do our campaign experts love using to deliver those all important results?


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What better way to showcase your brand than by inviting influencers to an event so they can network and discuss it together. Commissioning stories and posts surrounding the event can work particularly well. We hosted an event as part of our Absolut Juice campaign. Take a look at some of the fab content here.

Swipe Ups

Got a fantastic new menu or want to explain your product before sending consumers to your site? Swipe Ups have you covered. Using influencers with over 10,000 followers, having them discuss your offering and include a swipe up link is a great way to drive consumers to your site. It also gives you an opportunity to catch the customers attention and fully explain your product, just like in our Byron Burgers campaign.

influencer marketing agencyTasting Videos

Sometimes the best way to show how tasty your food is to have someone try it! Tasting videos are a great way to create content surrounding your brand and integrating it into someone’s kitchen. At the Lidl event influencers were taught how to cook ingredients by a professional chef, they then went home to recreate these recipes at home and documented the whole thing. This made for a fantastically authentic campaign and relatable content

Being on social has never been so important, with 72% of consumers having used Facebook to choose a restaurant based on comments and images shared by other users. Your customers are on social and they’re expecting brands to be there too. Get in touch at info@goatagency.com to see how you can bring these strategies to life.