5 Things to know before running an influencer marketing campaign

Just how does influencer marketing work? Have you considered these vital things before running your campaign? Our co-founder Arron Shepherd shares his top 5 things you should know before running an influencer marketing campaign.

1. Not all influencers are made equal. 

Just because they have the same reach as another influencer or even higher engagement, doesn’t mean they are actually converting to sales. Looking beyond vanity metrics to these deeper measurements will make sure you get real value from your campaign. This, unfortunately, is not public facing information and is, in my opinion, the main reason brands find Influencer marketing so difficult to consistently get right.

2. Bigger does not always mean better. 

An influencer may have a huge following, and hey that’s great, your new beauty product reach 2 million people! Except… that influencer doesn’t just talk about beauty, they also talk about lifestyle, their dogs and health. So actually, only 20% of those followers are going to be interested in your beauty product. This leaves you paying to reach 180,000 irrelevant people and wasting 80% of your budget. The more niche you can go the better your ultimate conversion to action will be.

3. Do your influencers actually care about your product?

If your influencers are not authentic and genuine users of your product or service, then you might as well stop right now. Yes, influencers are a media space that can be purchased, but if they do not genuinely enjoy and use your product then you are reducing them to a digital billboard. This ignores all the amazing things about influencers, such as their authenticity, trust with their followers and their expertise in their field. Find people who care about your brand and their followers will care too.

4. What do you want from the campaign? 

Set clear KPI’s. Whether it is awareness, purchases or new users on your app, knowing this before starting your campaign is vital. It allows you to plan and work with influencers to get across your message and call to action, ensuring the best success. When your campaign is complete, you can go back and compare your results to your objectives.

5. How will you stand out?

Marketing and social media is saturated with conversation, but how can you steal the focus? Come up with a creative strategy that really makes you stand out from the crowd. For example, check out our Simba campaign where we threw parkour influencers off of a 4-storey roof… all to sell mattresses!

This guide should help you when starting your campaign. Find out how we can help by getting in touch at info@goatagency.com or give us a ring at +44 7935 098459.