7 Reasons To Work At The Goat Agency

If you’re looking for a new and exciting role, why not apply to work at Europe’s Leading Influencer Marketing Agency? If you’re looking for a new adventure, here are seven reasons to work for The Goat Agency:

1. The Industry

Social media is quickly becoming the marketing of the future; with user-friendly sites allowing us to engage in a two-way conversation – mirroring our interaction in the real world – it’s not surprising that it has taken off.  

In a world that’s becoming exponentially connected, influencer marketing as a form of digital marketing, along with the associated skills, are going to become more in-demand by the minute, with the industry expecting to be worth $10 billion by 2020!

2. Our Unique Approach

Rather than representing specific influencers, we run bespoke campaigns, using our database to the most relevant and effective influencers. Our approach remains neutral towards social media platforms, reducing channel saturation and helping to protect the long-term authenticity of influencer marketing.

3. The Clients

From Malibu and New Look to Formula E and UEFA; the diverse client base is continuing to grow. Whether you’d like to get involved in fashion and lifestyle, sports, or even gaming – The Goat Agency runs an exciting range of campaigns.

4. Skills and Opportunity

The nature of the company means that the roles are diverse, with opportunities to get involved in different aspects of work. You’ll quickly learn a variety of skills, many of which are relevant across roles and industries, whilst the fast-paced environment means you’re never left with nothing to do.

5. The People

From a founding team of 3, to now over 50 employees, the company is growing fast.  With an average age of 24, social events and evening drinks are a regular occurrence. Our diverse culture and wide-range of humour makes for an enjoyable working environment; with the hard-work of every individual in the company contributing to its never-ending success.

6. Our Success

The Goat Agency doesn’t fall short in terms of Awards. Having previously won Young Agency of the Year Award, as well as Brand Brilliance, the UK Best in Business awarded us Recognised Leaders in Digital Marketing.  However; if the success of the company, upcoming industry and enjoyable environment isn’t enough to entice you…

7. We’re Going Global.  

Not only are campaigns now carried out abroad; with brands such as Formula E taking us everywhere from Paris to Mexico, the company is now expanding their offices, to New York! The company’s growth is undeniable, and with no hesitation expanding into new markets – who knows where we’ll be years down the line.

If you’re interested in the industry and would like the opportunity to experience it yourself, send your information to jobs@goatagency.com. See our recent job openings here.