Are you in?

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 today launched its Public Ballot, backed by an inclusive marketing and PR campaign called ‘Are you in?’.

The campaign’s launch film stars Freddie Flintoff, a cricketer who transcends popular culture, singing and dancing to the sound of Imagine Dragon’s ‘On top of the world’, inviting the public to join ‘sports greatest carnival’.

The campaign continues the marketing approach of putting fans, influencers and celebrities at the heart of the creative, resonating with the 1 billion cricket fans around the world as well as reaching outside of the game to engage new fans with the sport. The campaign celebrates the wonderful diversity of cricket, celebrating the 10 competing nations coming together on the greatest stage, where uniquely in multi-cultural Britain, each has strong home support.

The social amplification for the campaign concept, which was developed by MATTA, will be delivered via influencers by The Goat Agency, appointed by the Cricket World Cup 2019 following a highly competitive pitch.

Influencer Activation

Over the following 12 months, Goat’s influencer campaigns will reach a relevant global audience of over 20m through strategic and reactive activations. Working with over 200 influencers, through its vast network of social influencers Goat is driving awareness, creating exciting content and encouraging ticket sales for the 2019 World Cup.

“The ICC Cricket World Cup are taking an innovative approach to sports event marketing by utilising influencers as content creators and distribution channels throughout this campaign. Reaching new audiences outside of the cricketing world, Goat’s influencers are able to spread the message of the Cricket World Cup 2019 through authentically engaged content” says co-founder and chief storyteller at Goat, Arron Shepherd, “This is an opportunity to show the scale and impact that influencers can have in the sporting community”.