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Boomers Are Ruining TikTok: How can fashion brands can avoid getting it wrong with Gen Z?

Earlier this year, the Gap TikTok went viral for all the wrong reasons.  In a video that’s been viewed over 1 million times, creator Christopher Claflin posted a blistering review of Gap’s TikTok strategy, captioning it, “Boomers are ruining social media”. He even went so far as to call out Gap as having “the worst TikTok he’s ever seen”.  Users rushed to the brand’s own TikTok channel to leave their own critical comments and even offer condolences to the Social Media Manager behind the account.  This is how Gen Z are used to communicating with brands nowadays. TikTok and social media have offered a constant feedback loop, and the brands that get it wrong are swiftly called out.

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