Changing Social

The world of social media is always evolving; changing it’s UX to invite more users to their platforms. But just what effect is this having on the world of advertising as brands are continuing to invest more and more into influencers, pages and paid?


Let’s start with some good news. Facebook seems to have learnt from its partner Instagram and has changed around its photo and video captions to more reflect the Instagram style.  This style seems to engage people with the visual, allowing them to work out what the image is before being told in the caption. This follows Facebook’s introduction of the ‘stories’ feature, something inspired by Snapchat’s 24 hour disappearing stories. Is Facebook becoming the Frankenstein’s monster of social platforms… only taking the best features of other platforms to make one ultra platform? Either way, this change up is adding more value to Facebook for pages to engage their following.


Speaking of Snapchat, they are certainly not one putting UX at the forefront of their platform design. With the platforms redesign in May, it seems to be putting users on the back fence. Combining all conversations and stories into the ‘Friends’ section of Snap was not well received and even five months later it’s still showing. Snapchat gave their third-quarter review which showed, yet again, a decline in daily users. But Snapchat isn’t too worried as their ad revenue has increased to $298 million, up 43% year on year. Whilst Snapchat still has 186m users, ad impressions are also up 278% year on year. So it seems that some are abandoning the platform and those that stay behind are being shown more and more adverts? I can’t help but think that a platform needs to provide more value to their users rather than a UX that is consistently interrupted by ads.

What this means for brands

These changes in social can cause some issues for brands as they want to access their audience online, but in an authentic way without causing an annoyance. How can you survive in this world of changing social? Using influencers is certainly one solution to this problem and in my view the most effective. They are able to cut through these changes to remain consistent through their content and relationship with their following. Influencers act as an online expert, a friend and a source of information for their followers. Whether it’s the latest fashion, a new gaming app or attending an event, influencers are able to reach your audience and capture their attention way better than a sponsored or paid media post. The advert sits within content that your audience is already engaged with, rather than sitting on the page and shoving branded content in their face (I mean, do you want to see 10 ads about teeth whitening interrupt your scrolling every day? Wouldn’t you rather one good recommendation from someone who genuinely uses the product?)

The solution

So rather than forcing our ads onto the audience, by selecting highly relevant influencers for your brand we are able to serve ads they are already interested in. Not to mention the fact that instead of paying per impression (which can lead to you paying for fake followers or irrelevant audiences) you pay for what you want. Whether that is downloads, clicks, website traffic etc. And at Goat we guarantee these results so you already know what you’re going to get before you’ve even spent a penny. In the world of changing social, influencers offer a way of consistently and reliably reaching your audience.

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