Influencer first social strategies

Goat is an influencer marketing agency, however, with the increasing integration of influencer marketing in marketing strategies it is now more fitting to call us an influencer first social agency.

In the three years since we were founded influencer marketing has grown in popularity and proven it’s worth up against traditional marketing channels. Influencers are now key to brand’s marketing plans and are often leading the overall strategy. For example, knowing that you’d like to work with a specific ambassador or group of influencers, and considering this whilst creating strategy, ensures you make the most of your partnership.

Influencers are more than a distribution channel

Considering your distribution in the early stages of any marketing campaign is vital however recognising how you can innovate with your distribution channels will add a new competitive advantage.

For example, Corona recently built its marketing around the structure of a billboard. Creating a 3D design coming out from the billboard was very effective and even drove organic PR thanks to their innovative ideas. By considering the distribution channel as a part of the strategy they were able to increase ROI and deliver an impactful campaign.

influencer marketing agency

This can be applied to influencer marketing as brands consider influencers and their specific features and incorporate these into the concept of the advert. For example, our award-winning Formula E season 4 campaign had an incredibly successful influencer strategy and so the season 5 campaign has put influencers at its heart. Using influencers as presenters on a watch-along style live sports broadcast that is streamed via YouTube is a complete innovation in broadcast rights and social strategies.

This influencer-first strategy will be effective as it allows Formula E to access a previously untapped audience, bringing on board the fans of top influencers from YouTube, Instagram and other channels as they present all the live action from the races. Having this insight enabled Formula E and Goat to build an entire marketing campaign around the Formula E Voltage Show and influencers.