Influencer marketing has blown up

We all know the influencer market is growing exponentially but the ‘basket size’ has just gone through the roof.

Until the back-end of 2017 it was only a minority of brands putting a significant % of their overall spend into the influencer channel. Since the start of 2018 there’s been a major shift, brands are looking for a long-term, integrated influencer strategy rather than a series of isolated influencer projects.


These ‘early adopter’ brands are reaping the benefits too. One-off influencer posts or campaigns are flashes in the pan. They have a significant impact in the short term but the brands delivering long-term influencer strategies are proving able to deliver cultural and behavioural change within their target communities.

For the most forward-thinking brands, an all-agency meeting now includes a specialist influencer agency alongside the more traditional PR, creative and media offerings.

So, we look forward to seeing you in a meeting room soon!

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