Influencer Marketing and Gaming? Duh!

All my life I’ve been a gamer. I grew up with 5 brothers who are also gamers. It was a competitive household, whether we were battling in 3 on 3 basketball on the driveway; playing NBA2K, Super Smash Brothers, or Counter-strike on the Xbox, Wii or PC; or settling the lands of Catan.

All of my gaming life, particularly since I started earning money and could afford to purchase video games and consoles, I have relied on family and friends’ advice on what games to purchase and play.

“Have you tried the new Halo?”

“You need to try the new DLC for Bethesda’s Skyrim?”

“I found a new indie game, Limbo, you are going to love it.”

“Play Hearthstone, it’s like digital Magic the Gathering.”

All my life I have been relying on other people’s opinions when navigating the proverbial minefield of video game titles that are available. Should I choose Call of Duty or Gears of War? Is Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA better? What is the best action RPG? Diablo or World of Warcraft?

Influencer Marketing allows brands to connect with the current and prospective customers via someone that holds social influence with a large audience that have specific interests, desires, needs, and consumption patterns.

The Goat Gaming and Esports division gives games publishers, hardware providers, and IP creators the opportunity to engage with and attract a whole new audience via our unique CRM.

Video games are a big purchase. They are sometimes expensive, often consume a large amount of your free time and require commitment and understanding of a new environment and game mechanics.

As such, you want to make sure that you are being recommended the right title by the people that you trust. Influencer marketing with the Goat agency allows you to do this because we don’t represent anybody!

If you are building a strategy game, an RPG, a racing title, a new community esport, or a new graphics card, then we make sure that your product is placed in front of the right audience with our network of 40,000+ influencers.

We also make sure that based on your IP, title, or genre, that we are using the right platform. We will then deliver on average 100-300 posts per campaign across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or YouTube to ensure that the brand hits their KPIs at better value than other channels. Moreover, with our deep understanding of gaming and the associated language, we make sure that we do so in the most authentic way possible.

Gaming, Esports and Influencer Marketing. It’s a no-brainer. Now do I want to play Player Unknown Battlegrounds or Fortnite…