Influencer Marketing Mythbusting

Influencer marketing is still the baby in the marketing world as it has only been around for a few years. This means there are a lot of myths floating around and misconceptions of the industry. We’re making it our mission to educate both marketing practitioners and the wider public on how influencer marketing works and why it is here to stay.

Let’s dive straight in

1. Influencer marketing is not trackable.

Oh if we had a penny for every time someone said this. The people usually saying this are traditional media houses saying that their TV adverts are the answer to reaching your audience. Sorry but this myth is totally busted, we not only track results from awareness to click-throughs, conversions, downloads and even depositors on an app. In fact, we’ve done this so much that our entire business is built on guaranteeing these results.

2. You should pay based on reach/ followers

Vanity metrics such as reach used to be used to judge the effectiveness of an influencer… following the old philosophy of celebrity endorsement, the higher the reach = the higher the influence. But no, this just is not the case. Brands need to look at much deeper metrics such as conversions and click-through rates to tell the actual influence of someone.

3. Someone has the answer

That one platform that calls itself a one-stop shop, perfect for every brand? Sorry but no, they are not the answer. Influencer marketing and social media channels fluctuate every day and change depending on the vector, campaign KPIs and the individual brand. Only through continual adaptation, learning and a human-centric approach can agencies offer a legitimate ability to run an influencer campaign.

So myths = busted. Influencer marketing is not quite as simple as people first thought, and it takes time to understand the industry. Want more info? Get in touch with us at