Hi, could you please tell us a little about yourself and how you became an influencer?

My name is Julius, I’m 25 years old. am singer/songwriter from the UK & I have my own social media business.

To be honest, I’ve never really thought of myself as an influencer, I definitely didn’t plan on being one. I started gaining a following when I appeared on the TV show Made in Chelsea, it bumped up my social following and gave me an audience for my music. It was a hugely positive thing for me and opened lots of doors.

How do you balance your music and social media business with being an influencer?

It’s tricky at times. For me, being an influencer doesn’t encompass my whole life and I make sure I prioritise my music and business as much as possible.

What is the best thing about being and influencer, and what is the worst?

Tricky question. The best thing is working with brands that I love, I’ve been working with Sprite this year which is heavyweight worldwide brand. I also collaborated with Fitbit earlier in the year as well as VO5, which are brands that I already love, so it’s a great feeling when they come to me directly to collaborate. It is hugely humbling and yes, the freebies are nice too!

What would be your ideal influencer campaign? Do you have a dream brand to work with?

I think my dream brand collaboration would be with Ralph Lauren, the campaign would involve marketing their new ‘Purple Line’ range on a yacht in Italy for 3 weeks. One can dream, right?

What 3 things should someone starting in the influencer industry know?

  • Find your niche, there are thousands and thousands of influencers now and new people with their very own social following are popping up everywhere. Be unique and find your special niche that makes you stand out.
  • Be patient, social growth takes time. Don’t buy followers and be real.
  • Don’t sell yourself short. As an influencer, you will be offered opportunities to go to events & collaborate with brands. If you are given an opportunity to work with a brand that doesn’t suit you, don’t work with them, even if it is paid. Other brands will not want to work with you if you are working with every brand possible and going to every event. Find your nice, stick to it & only work with select brands. Trust me, you will get more opportunities in the future and you won’t regret turning down that quick buck!

What do you think about influencers having a negative impact on society? 

I think influencers have an important role & responsibility in today’s society. Not to point out the obvious, but an influencer ‘Influences’ his/her followers and this can be powerful. This is why brands want to work with us. If an influencer wears a particular type of shoes (for example), his/her followers will want to buy their very own and this is positive marketing for brands. But as an influencer our opinions will also be influenced on those who follow and this can negatively impact society. Bullying, body shaming, racism etc. all happens around us and if done on a platform to thousands of followers this can be hugely impactful and negative on society, especially impactful on the impressionable youth.

What does the future of influencer marketing look like in your eyes?

Influencer marketing is powerful, it can directly hit any niche audience better than any other form of marketing. It is very effective.

Although I do feel people are getting a bit bored of seeing #AD & posts of models promoting teeth whitening brands with edited bright white smiles!

Naturally we demand authenticity, I’m definitely not the only person who wants to see real posts. I don’t mind if an influencer gets paid for promoting a product as long as it suits them and they genuinely love the brand. The future of IM demands authenticity & I believe brands will only work with influencers who they know love the product & are happy to collaborate.

Thanks for joining us for Interview with an Influencer!