Taking Influencer Marketing International

We sat down with Emily Hall to talk about how she’s taking influencer marketing international, first to Hong Kong and now to Mexico.

So, what do you do at Goat?

Well, I’m Head of Fashion and Lifestyle campaigns. I manage the team that run our campaigns like Malibu, New Look, Bumble. So it’s really exciting, we’re much newer than the sports team so there’s lot’s to learn still!

How did that land you in Mexico?

So in our Formula E campaign, there are a lot of fashion and lifestyle influencers. So that’s why I’m involved and why I went to Mexico to help manage the campaign.

What exactly does an influencer manager do out there?

It’s kind of much more of a PR role than my usual job, so usually I sit on emails and phone calls all day, this is really different because you’re dealing with people in person. I also went to Hong Kong and it’s very interesting to see the difference in the influencers out there. But it’s also really hard because you have to approve the content in another language, so I have to trust that they’ve translated it for me correctly and that I’ve taken a rough translation of it myself.

What sort of difficulties did you come across running the international campaign?

The language barrier is definitely something, as you can turn up and they actually speak worse English than when conversing via email. Also, you’re directing them to do things on their own personal channel, so you have to take into consideration what the brand wants and manage it on a live basis. So that is much harder. Also in terms of creating content, it all has to be done there and then as you can’t go back to reshoot. Whilst you still want them to have a good time, you’ve got to make sure they’re hitting the deadlines.

What was your favourite part of the trip?

Definitely landing in Mexico and discovering all the food, I thought tacos were a stereotype but it’s not. There are tacos and guacamole everywhere and for such a good price and exploring was a lot of fun.

If you were to go again, what would you do?

I’d have a couple of nights out, and there is a place called The Pyramids which is more authentic Mexico, further out of the city. I would’ve liked to explore the city and the backstreets much more.

Could you give some advice on how more young women can get into this industry?

You’re on Instagram all the time yourself, it’s a tool that everyone uses but really look at it, look at influencers if you follow them. A lot of my friends say to me, “but who are these people and who follows them?” I say “you already do follow them, you just don’t realise it” so watch and learn from your social media.

I think another barrier to getting into the industry is that people worry that they don’t have enough experience. However, as this is such a new industry we don’t expect people to! You just need to show initiative and that you can understand the power of social.