Tips For Influencer Marketing

1) The power of community

Social media communities are made up of members who share common interests for things such as Grime music or latest fashion trends who follow thought leaders in the space to keep up with top news. In the world of influencer marketing, it is essential to know what community you are trying to reach. Pin-pointing your community makes it easier to find out what influencers are best for your campaign. Remember, communities online are as diverse as those found offline!

2) Brand/Influencer Balance

Good Content + Right Community + Correct CTA = CONVERSION!

To achieve the best results for your campaigns, it is essential to have the right balance between your brand and the chosen influencers (we’ll break this down for you). If your influencer creates good content that will be distributed to the right community with the perfect call to action assigned for example “tap to shop” or “swipe up for your chance to win!”, you will get the results you need.

Let’s imagine that you’re working on a campaign for a fashion line launch, finding influencers who are not only interested in fashion but who actually fit the style of the new brand is vital. Emulating the brand vision through influencers takes a carefully trained eye, but will increase the quality of your brand and influencer relationship greatly, therefore leading to better conversion.

3) The Multiplier Effect

Impact and value are much more significant when you do a large number of posts in a tight space of time. This is to prevent your potential audience from forgetting your influencers call to action. You therefore want to ensure that all the posts drive engagement throughout the day. Going back to the campaign example above, some of your chosen influencers would post from early on to share their excitement for the launch event and when the fashion line is released you would have an influx of influencers posting links to the site, their favourite outfit and so on! Combining influencers with thought leaders within the relative scene will drive a sense of urgency, allowing you to tap into as many different verticals as possible.

4) Content Must Be Emotionally impactful

Having content that is emotionally impactful is necessary. Emotion drives sales and develops trust between the influencer and their audience, a post that lacks some level of emotional impact (funny, scary, attention-grabbing) will not give you the results you want.

The world of influencer marketing is not an easy one to understand straight off the bat, but hopefully this has given you an idea of the nuances of a successful campaign. Get in contact today so we can help you develop amazing campaigns