Top Influencer Marketing Trends for 2019

We’re now full swing into 2019 and what a year it’s shaping up to be. 2018 was transformative not only for Goat but the overall media industry; with fraud, a move away from paid media and the rise of video content being at the top of everyone’s lists.

Despite being criticised by every mainstream news publication and on stage at Cannes, influencer marketing continues to rise and has become an integral part of 2018 brand strategy. Brands have realised the power of influencer marketing and are engaging with influencers more than ever. 2018 has certainly been the year of adoption.

So what does 2019 have in store?


2018 has already seen huge growth in the industry, influencer activities continue to take budget from paid and other traditional marketing forms. Our own clients have shifted so significantly that they are now moving completely away from TV and traditional media channels to solely influencer activities. Far from the influencer bubble bursting, it will now become an everyday marketing channel as common as any other. This will force innovation as brands need their marketing to stand out.

Brands Will Be More Demanding

We are expecting, and hoping, to see brands being more demanding from their social agencies. Gone are the days of vanity metrics and reach to measure campaigns. Brands should be demanding deeper level data such as clicks, downloads, depositors, CTR and more from their agencies. These KPIs represent a higher value to brands as well as demonstrating you are effectively reaching a relevant and engaged audience.

Regulation in Industry

The Business of Influencers Board has been set up to independently aid the influencer marketing industry, from governance to accountability they will be bringing some order to the industry. Goat is supporting this board as co-founder Harry Hugo joins as one of the six board members. This board reflects an industry wide need for regulation which includes everyone’s voices.

There will more changes and evolutions as even the most unsuspecting brands move to influencer marketing. It is now an integrated part of a brands marketing strategy, so 2019 should be the year of innovation as brands look at how they are working with influencers. Moving beyond the ‘why’ should we use influencers to ‘how can we’ use influencers, this year will see huge innovation in influencer engagement and social platforms.

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