Views from the Herd: My First Month at Goat

It’s been a month since I started as the new Junior Designer with the team at the Goat Agency and what a month it’s been!

Kicking off the month I was given a whirlwind tour of the office from the deckchairs in the front office to the wall of plants and my own little desk space. This was followed by a flood of different names to remember so, of course, everyone instantly became known as buddy or mate in my mind. However, a month on now and I’ve remembered at least 98% of names so that’s progress!

Once all the excitement of day one had passed it was time to actually start my job. My role at Goat involves working with the rest of the design team to put together proposals, reports, presentations and a whole host of random odd jobs that pop up throughout the day. You’d be surprised how often someone goes “please help me make this look pretty”. Taking up most of my time this month has been a range of proposals for some exciting clients. I’ve learnt all about how to structure our proposals, created some new icons and stared intensely at some pie charts asking “How can I make a pie chart look less like a boring pie chart?”. In between all of this we’ve been working on some top secret branding projects and an internal magazine which hopefully we’ll be able to share with you shortly, so keep your eyes peeled!

When I’m not at my desk staring at InDesign I’ve gotten to know the rest of the Goat team and been on a small food tour of the local area most lunch times. From joining the girls for taco Mondays to falling to the office hype of the nearby Thai place, my stomach is certainly thanking me for the last months worth of delicious foods, even if my wallet is not… Friday evenings in the office means drinks and beer pong which has been great chance to meet everyone and it helps that everyone is super friendly. I’m yet to show off my tremendously poor beer pong skills but I’m sure I’ll make a fool out of myself and lose spectacularly very shortly.

All in all, it’s been a great and busy start and I’m excited to see what’s next!