It’s no surprise that Instagram has launched a rival video feature to YouTube given that 100% of influencers use Instagram as their main social media platform to share content. Until now, influencers have had to rely on singular Instagram posts and stories to connect with their viewers; IGTV has introduced a completely new dimension to the influencer marketing game, allowing users to share videos that can last up to an hour. This is great news for influencers and brands who can further develop their creativity through long form content. The introduction of this new viewing experience has the potential to further engage influencer followers.

Instagram listened to user reports saying that they prefer watching videos in vertical form without having to turn their phone sideways. This format is predicted to contribute to the success of IGTV, whilst disrupting existing content filmed horizontally. They are also currently testing a new feature that will allow influencers and brands to advertise products that users can immediately purchase without being taken away from the app itself. Their payment details are stored, and given that 71% of people say they are likely to purchase something based on recommendations from social media, the world of ecommerce is becoming truly social.

Instagram have said that their goal is to build a platform where people can follow their preferred vloggers and influencers with ease. It has long been the platform of choice for all types of influencers, and as the industry continues to rapidly grow, IGTV will provide a platform where they can easily make contact with and interest their audience with the content they like watching.

Here at Goat we’re excited to see not just what’s next, but lead the way by working with influencers and brands on IGTV and disruptive content. Will other platforms such as YouTube and Facebook be able to keep up and evolve as Instagram does?

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