Why there’s no point to #DeleteFacebook

Facebook is currently under major scrutiny for its recent controversy surrounding the ill-usage of data by advertising group Cambridge Analytica. Just a quick brief on what’s going on, Christopher Wylie a former Cambridge Analytica staff came forward with accusations that a quiz app scraped 50 million Facebook profiles for data. These were then sent over to Cambridge Analytica to help influence the result of the 2016 US Presidential Election. The direct linkage between Facebook data and the mass-manipulation of society has raised a whole new set of crucial questions as to what else Facebook could have wrongfully shared their data for. I spoke on ITV News recently on this matter;

The main question throbbing in everyone’s mind in regards to this controversy is whether or not Facebook data can be used to influence your personal opinion on topics, without you actually knowing. The answer to that is yes, unquestionably.

As expected, many any have taken to Twitter to follow the hashtag trend ‘#Deletefacebook’. In just a couple days after the discoveries were made public, its share price slid by nine percent, ultimately clearing almost £35 billion of the company’s valuation, and billions more from Mark Zuckerberg’s personal wealth.

Mark Zuckerberg took to Facebook to speak out about the intensely damaging scandal surrounding the business’s inability to preserve its user’ data. He alleges that major changes will be designed to protect users’ data for good.

Here at Goat, we believe that social media is a vital part of today’s society, therefore, deleting Facebook would be a waste of time as all that is doing is running away from the problem as opposed to actually dealing with it.

Facebook will continue to adapt its privacy policies to protect user data and improve as a tool that we are increasingly dependent on. If people are concerned about the data Facebook has access to, then they are in for a storm. We share data on a day to day basis, with Facebook-owned apps such as Instagram, Whatsapp, as well as Twitter and other social platforms. We get annoyed when advertisers target us poorly with content, and increasingly want a personalised, relevant news feed. Well news flash, those only come when you feed an algorithm your personal data.  

You can delete Facebook, but you won’t be truly off the grid til you’re playing snake on a Nokia 3310. So maybe it’s time to revisit the app store? 

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