Winning the Brand Brilliance Award!

Winning ‘Brand Brilliance’ at the BOC Brilliance Awards last night is an accolade of The Goat Agency’s 2017 journey and the incredible success this year has brought. Working with clients such as Malibu, Betbull and British Airways, we certainly have been busy.

The BOC Brilliance Award for ‘Brand Brilliance’ recognises the be best of the best. The winner is the star entry that encompasses the very best of Business Brilliance over the year. this award is given to the candidate that can best demonstrate consistent growth and strong financial performance and brand recognition. Judges look for evidence of exceptional delivery, site engagement and functionality, security, innovation and ethical practice. They also considered how staff are engaged and developed, how the organisation’s strategic vision is led, managed and implemented, and evidence of a plan for sustained growth.

Winning this award recognises Goat as not only an industry leader but a pioneer in business. The following is taken from our official award entry and summarises why Goat won this award;

“Our unique CRM system hosts influencers from across every vertical, from micro-influencers to those will millions of followers. We collect audience and brand data on every influencer to have a full view of their potential, aiding our data insights to predict influencer performance. All of this means we have enhanced insight enabling us to guarantee deliverable KPIs for brands. This new strategy provides trust and value for clients as they are assured that we will deliver the results they want, and because we understand our channels we deliver 144% of results on average.”

This award leads on from us winning ‘The Best Social Media Agency Award’ at the UK Corporate Excellence Awards last week. What a great way to end 2017, bring on the new year!