Your Summer with Influencers

It’s seriously heating up this year. Well, okay, maybe not the weather in England, but the influencer marketing industry certainly is. We can’t wait to get stuck in with all our summer campaigns. The launch of a new season means the creation of new great content, sunshine pairs naturally with smiles and natural shots so it’s a great time to work with some of your favourite influencers.

We’ve worked with several brands on summer campaigns, including New Look and Malibu. This year will see us launch with Beefeater for their campaign, because what is better than a G&T in a sunny English garden right?

Let’s take it back to last year where you saw us work with Malibu and make some great content. This year we’ve done it again, check out some of the beautiful shots from our influencers on their Vietnam trip last week;







So how can you get in on the summer action and run beautiful campaigns? Send us an email at or ring us on the number below. With another winning few months ahead of us, filled with Beefeater Gin, the UEFA World Cup and New Look fashion, we’re ready to work with your brand next.