Goat were tasked by ISKO to grow their Instagram following to 100k, whilst consulting them on the types of content and messaging they should be publishing on the their Instagram feed.

We devised a strategy using a range of fashion, lifestyle and tech influencers from North America, Europe and Asia, but found that French and US-based influencers had the most engaged audiences. A competition mechanic was used to create hype around a series of competitions that enticed their audience to follow ISKO.

Advising ISKO about the types of content to be posted on their own channel was key in maintaining the audience that had been newly driven to the page through our influencer activity. To ensure retention of new followers was met, we had to make sure content was relevant, educational and insightful.

Based on successes in the past for similar social growth campaigns, we stuck with a competition mechanic to catch the attention of a relevant audience. We had to think carefully about prizes that would be desirable for the audiences of influencers talking about the competitions in order to drive increased entries and follower numbers.

We received
post engagements

We successfully drove over 109k new followers to the ISKO Instagram account

We delivered a cost per follower of £0.64, which was significantly below our guaranteed deliverables

The campaign achieved
over 11.8m

Isko Body Full - The Goat Agency


Lena was our best performing influencer in terms of driving new followers to the ISKO Instagram account with 21,000 new followers gained through her post

Isko Denim - The Goat Agency