Mars – Bounty

We were tasked by Mars Wrigley to support their Bounty Gate campaign across the UK market, driving further engagement, fun and positive brand sentiment.

We devised a strategy in which we created an Instagram Filter that asked users “Which Celebration Are You?”, only to discover they always landed on Bounty…

This light-hearted and humorous “trolling” element was supported by organic influencer activity, with the aim of generating conversation and brand awareness around Celebrations. The campaign succeeded in creating online buzz and conversation as well as sparking the age-old debate between Bounty haters and lovers in a vibrant and on-brand way!


The Augmented Reality Filter achieved 2.9k shares across the campaign period

We achieved 951 saves of the Instagram filter

We achieved a capture rate of 51.34% (the percentage of people who opened the filter and used it)

The Famileigh’s Reel achieved a View Through Rate of 151.50%

Bounty Full Width - The Goat Agency


The Famileigh had an incredible view through rate of 151.50%

Mars - The Goat Agency