We have been the influencer agency of record for Mercari in the US market since 2017. A household name in Japan, Mercari is one of the fastest growing ecommerce marketplaces in the world. As a mobile-first product, and with a key focus on growth, our main focus has been to deliver and maintain a low cost per install and cost per acquisition. 

We have been able to consistently optimize to reduce the tracked CPI through a combination of organic and paid social activity. In addition to acquisition metrics we have delivered the strongest in-app results (listings and purchases) and retention results of any channel.  

Alongside delivering strong performance, our strategy has been focused on building communities in the app focused around specific verticals. These have included everything from ‘interiors’ to ‘sports trading cards’.

The campaign drove
over 126k+ app installs
throughout 2020

We drove a
$2.49 cost per install
through paid ads

Mercari Body V2 - The Goat Agency


debanddanelle was our top performer in terms of organic performance, she drove 377 organic installs and an organic cost per install of less than $20

Mercari - The Goat Agency