In light of the global pandemic, PokerStars were forced to shelve physical event plans throughout 2020 and 2021, resulting in a required shift to increased digital output.

Goat was tasked with onboarding talent across the client’s key markets in-line with a number of key tournaments, as well as introducing longer-term ambassadors who could produce sporadic content without the need for a tournament to be centerd around.

The majority of content during the tournament phases was hosted on Twitch, with highlights being cut-down and uploaded to YouTube. YouTube was the hub for the majority of the ambassador content. The UK’s largest influencer group, the Sidemen, were also onboarded for a multi-video series in which they played poker against each other on the PokerStars platform. So far, across their first three videos uploaded, over 5m views have been achieved.

We attracted 5k+ new Russian users to enter the influencer-hosted competition

Over 5m views generated across three Sidemen YouTube videos

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