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Welcome to Goat, where we run creative social influencer marketing campaigns that deliver real results. Whether you want awareness through video views and engagement or if you want to go a bit deeper with guaranteed CPV, CPA or downloads; we can help.

We’ve run influencer marketing campaigns around the world for everyone from FTSE 100 brands to start-up marketing campaigns. Working with influencers that we know will deliver the best value for your business, we run influencer marketing campaigns with a results focus.

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The value of creative agencies

Using a creative agency adds value to your campaign as we have a team of innovators and disruptors working to ensure your marketing stands out from the crowd. 2019 is the year that influencer marketing truly moves from ‘why’ to ‘how’ and with the most innovative creative strategies, we bring brands into the ‘how’.

Creative agencies like Goat enable brands to establish their presence in the market and make their mark with the target audience. The power of Goat is our influencer-first approach where we use the most effective marketing channel partnered with creative strategies.  Let’s break that down into two stages: the creative and then the influencer distribution.

Using a creative advertising agency such as Goat enables a company to refresh their take on the market; to rebrand or realign themselves to the target market. Sometimes we all just need to shake things up and a fresh creative strategy allows you to do this. This involves risk, it involves innovation and trying new things that you, or anyone else, may not have done before. Creative agencies can be a third-party supporter to review and actualise your vision.

Goat is able to build creative marketing strategies distributed across a range of marketing channels. However, with our foundation in influencer marketing we are the only agency able to deliver these creative strategies with influencer marketing at the heart, at scale. Influencers are a third-party recommendation for your product or service, and when used correctly yield the highest ROI of any marketing channel. Influencers have built a trusted audience of your target market and have a direct line to their behaviour. Engaging influencers who love your product with creative new marketing strategies involves them in your strategy and increases their passion.

For example, when working with Formula E for their Season 5 campaign we have created the very first live sports broadcast via YouTube using influencer talent as the presenters. This strategy is completely new within sports broadcasting and is the first of its kind. Conceptualising this live sports broadcast and using YouTube as the distribution channel is the exact type of innovative creative strategies Goat can deliver. Using our insights into influencer talent we have been able to amplify the success of the show to relate to Formula E’s target market. The end result is Formula E Voltage: a livestream of every global race presented by top influencer talent to engage a new audience of young fans.

How to integrate creative and guaranteed results

Whilst Goat is a creative agency, we are also a performance driven agency that delivers results. Since we were founded in August 2015 Goat has always guaranteed results on campaigns, whether it’s video views, downloads, new user acquisition, or a range of other KPIs. We are able to deliver this thanks to our CRM database of over 40,000 influencers and historic campaign performance data on each influencer. This database covers every industry from FMCG to finance, services and even award shortlisted lawnmower campaigns. These insights enable us to apply creative solutions to reliable and effective distribution channels that deliver results.

Why use influencers to support creative marketing

Creative strategies often look to use new technologies and innovation to reach audiences in an effective manner. Influencers are the perfect example of this as consumers move to social and digital more and more as their core information source. As a trusted third party endorser, influencers balance the high reach of celebrities with the trust and relationship of a personal recommendation, making them an ideal channel. The key, however, is an authentic relationship, ensuring that influencers genuinely enjoy and use your product or service is vital.

One key contributor to this excitement in the brand-creator relationship can be creative strategy. Approaching an influencer with a truly exciting and innovative marketing idea drives passion for the product and helps integrate them into the campaign. For example, our work with Simba mattresses used parkour influencers to create content. At first, you’d think, how would parkour influencers help the sales and website traffic of a mattress. However, Goat created a creative strategy that worked across social channels to target key segments of their audience. Whilst we used mummy bloggers to review the mattress to their audience, younger audiences demanded more attention-grabbing and exciting content. For this, we showcased how comfortable, springy and high quality the mattresses were by using them as crash pads for the influencer’s tricks; even throwing themselves off of 5 storey buildings onto the mattresses. In a video titled “These mattresses saved our lives!!”, Simba took a leading role and showcased their mattress in a totally new way.

Why Goat as a creative marketing agency

Goat is a creative marketing agency able to deliver results alongside innovative strategy. Whilst designing the most daring and exciting content to get your brand noticed has value, demonstrating an ROI alongside is also key. Goat is able to deliver a balance of exciting, innovative new marketing solutions with guaranteed results.

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