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Creative digital PR campaigns with guaranteed results.

Welcome to Goat, where we run digital PR campaigns with influencer marketing at the heart and deliver real results. Whether you want awareness through video views and engagement or if you want to go a bit deeper with guaranteed CPV, CPA or downloads; we can help with your digital PR campaign.

We’ve run influencer marketing campaigns around the world for everyone from FTSE 100 brands to startup marketing campaigns. Working with an influencer-first approach that we know will deliver the best value for your business, we run marketing campaigns with a results focus.

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What is a digital PR Agency?

Digital PR involves using online tools to grow target market awareness and drive other key KPIs such as downloads, website traffic, user acquisition and many more. Goat is the leading influencer marketing agency delivering creative and performance-driven marketing campaigns.

Goat uses influencer-first creative strategies to drive digital PR. We support digital PR using influencers as content creators and ambassadors for your product or service. Accounts with high followings across social media can help brands to reach their audience in an authentic and genuine way. By using influencers as a third-party recommendation tool, digital PR is achieved in a trustworthy and cost-effective way.

The application of influencer marketing has reached a new wave of innovation in 2019 and we’re seeing brands use influencers in the most exciting, forward thinking ways. We’re seeing brands adopt influencer marketing as their core strategy and building other marketing channels around this. Putting digital at the core of your PR strategy allows for creative freedom and to get the very best out of your resources. Custom built digital PR strategies deliver this and can integrate with wider marketing efforts for a holistic brand message.

How to use digital PR

Digital PR can be achieved through using influencers to deliver strategic campaigns over social. Whether it’s promoting your business online, via blogs or social, or by supporting events or on the ground activations, influencers can support digital PR campaigns with significant success.

Digital PR services include creative strategy conception, inviting influencers to review and discuss your product or service, or even creating content for use on your own social channels. Managing online perceptions through PR is a vital part of marketing strategy for brands and businesses moving forward as consumers become savvier online, often searching online even whilst physically within stores to find the best prices. Accessing this market and targeting them at the early stages of awareness and need identification positions your brand at the centre of their purchasing decision. Increasing awareness online through digital PR is one of the most effective ways of influencing these purchasing decisions.

Why influencers?

Engaging influencers in your digital PR strategies is vital as the online market continues to capture your target market’s attention. Influencers provide the highest ROI from any other marketing channel, offering reach and a personal recommendation to your audience. Influencers enable digital PR by promoting your product and service out to the audience they have built up over several months and years. The trust and relationship this has built gives influencers a special ability to guide their audience and endorse products they personally use. When done correctly, ethically and along the legal guidelines, this form of promotion can be highly effective in driving an engaged and relevant audience to your product.

Why Goat for your digital PR?

Goat goes beyond using influencers to promote your product, we build creative strategies that optimise marketing to deliver the best results. From our unique CRM database of over 40,000 influencers we are able to find the best fit accounts to drive creative for the campaign and that have historically proven themselves to drive the results desired. Goat is so sure of our strategy that we guarantee deliverables for every campaign to ensure that our clients are secured in their strategies. On average we overdeliver on KPIs by 138%.

If digital PR is focused on increasing your online presence and communicating your message to an audience, then using Goat’s creative, influencer-first, PR strategies are the perfect solution. Whether it’s one hero influencer or over 250 in 11 countries and 7 languages, Goat is only agency capable of delivering solutions on this scale. By carefully crafting messaging that’s in line with your brand and fits the influencer’s personal aesthetic, we understand the nuances that affect the very micro levels of campaign optimisation.

What you are left with is a holistic marketing strategy across online and social that perfectly communicates your brand to your target market via a trusted third-party reviewer. Goat delivers these effective digital PR campaigns every day and on every scale for top brands.

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