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Brand awareness campaigns are an effective and strategic way to improve your digital marketing efforts and impact your overall sales. Creating a brand awareness strategy that works requires in-depth research and a clinical understanding of the channels your target consumers are frequently using. Brand awareness campaigns can be a great way to start an acquisitional strategy, as brands can target large groups of people with generic brand messaging, targeting those that engage with more specific calls actions such as registrations, downloads and sales.

Increasing brand awareness through marketing is all about increasing your brands recognition with your target audience. With our extensive campaign data, we look to locate relevant niche audiences on social media. We then combine our creative talent and knowledge to build social media campaigns that boost brand awareness, and any other client KPI’s. Campaigns are tailored specifically to meet our clients needs creating meaningful results.

Our co-founder Harry Hugo, explores some interesting questions about brand awareness below.

Brand Awareness Strategy

What are the benefits of brand awareness campaigns?

It is important to know what the benefits of brand awareness are. Brand awareness campaigns are really, really important in order to push people down the funnel later on in order to make sure that they convert, be it to sales or registrations, downloads. But things have to happen before. People need to be aware of your brand before they convert and we’ve seen over the course of the last four years of doing campaigns here at the Goat Agency that actually, if we drive great brand awareness at the start of a campaign, then we can drive fantastic acquisition later on down the line. And that’s because people are more aware of the brand and what they stand for. In the world of 2019, where people care about all those different things in order to align themselves to the right brands, these things are really, really important.


How do you increase brand awareness online?

How do you increase brand awareness online? Well, what it means to build brand awareness is all around customer loyalty. Do people think about your product or service when they’re going to buy something in your industry? 

Now, the only way to do that is to make people care and make people emotionally invested in something that you’ve done in the past. Now that means it could be an amazing campaign that you’ve done. We’ve seen that with the likes of John Lewis over the course of the Christmases over the last, God knows how many years. But, people are starting to build brand affinity and brand loyalty to these brands. So when they think about wanting to buy something, be it in the jewellery space, in the home furnishing space, in the football space, they think of certain brands in order to go to because they have a brand affinity, and they’ve built that brand awareness in that space to make people act.

How can you improve brand awareness?

How to improve brand awareness and sales. You’ve really got to look at the funnel about how people travel from knowing a brand to actually interacting and buying from a brand. Really, brand awareness is a prerequisite to the sale. And the greater the brand awareness is, the more likely you are to convert to the sale.

All the little things that make a difference down that funnel, are emotionally impactful content, authentic audience, audience build up. All these different things can make a difference in order to convert that person right down the bottom to a sale.

How can brand awareness and sales be improved? In order to drive sales, you have to do everything else before it. So make sure the thing you do at the start is predicating the thing you want to happen at the end.

What do impressions and reach mean?

The difference between impressions and reach is pretty simple. Impressions is the number of times something is served to any amount of people. So it could mean that something is served to one person four times. That count would then be four. If you’re looking at reach, reach is the number of unique people it hits. If that person was served the ad four times, that number would still only be one, as it’s a unique reach impression. But an impression in general is the number of times that ad is served. So the two different numbers for the same thing could be one, despite it being served four times. And four, if it was served four times to the same person.

Are impressions or reach more important?

Both things are really important. Reach is the number of people you’re actually hitting, so it makes a difference as to how many people can go down a funnel from the top to the bottom in order to make an actual sale. But impressions are also important because you need to hit people with different messages over the course of a period of time in order to make them actually aware of your product and buy into it in a way that they care. I’d say both are very important, but really you’re trying to get to as many different people as possible with the right message, so I’d say that reach is slightly more important than impressions.


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Harry Hugo

Harry Hugo

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