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Content marketing agencies exist because the marketing world relies on the quality of its content to convert customers at  any stage of the funnel. 

We work with brands and companies to create truly unique, interesting content that influences target audiences and encourages them to interact with a brand. Content marketing strategies aren’t necessarily directly about selling. We focus on creating tangible moments of engagement with niche social audiences to raise brand awareness. In doing this, we can influence customer perception and change behaviours to drive results for our clients. 

Harry Hugo (Goat Co-Founder) dives into some key questions about content marketing and explains the Goat Agency methodology.

Content Marketing Strategy

What is a good example of content marketing?

A great example of content marketing (and I go back to a lot of the time), is the John Lewis Christmas ads. Now, 10 years ago it was all around creating the best Christmas ad for TV. Now it’s all about creating the best Christmas ad for social media. And I think what’s great about the Christmas ads and how we see them used across multiple different media and multiple different pieces of content is that they use the characters in the ads for all sorts of short form content across social media.

They use cut-ups and still imagery for newspaper, wraparounds like the Metro. They use all sorts of different forms of content around one piece of hero content in all sorts of different ways. Rather than how content used to be taken, which was one three minute piece of content, which would then cut down into a 62 second and a 32 second clip, now it’s created in all sorts of different forms, be that on a 15 second 9×16 framed Instagram story, or it’s a wraparound on a Metro newspaper. Or it’s a TV ad, a radio ad, a short form social media reaction video. It could be anything.

Having a content strategy around a hero piece of content is a really, really nice way to go, and John Lewis did it fantastically.

How to create a content plan?

How to create a content plan? Creating content plans comes down to a few different things. It comes down to who is the audience you’re actually trying to target and what do they want to see from your content? It focuses around frequency because it’s all around posting at a certain time or amount of times that you post over the course of a week. And also around community, around who you’re actually trying to engage and what you’re trying to do with them. And that all comes down into a content plan, which all should be focused on one key goal. Now, that could be sales, it could be awareness, it could be driving engagement, but I think the content plan’s job is to be really focused in on that key business objective and create content for the audience you’re trying to convert inside business objective.


How do you use influencers to create brand content?

What does content marketing consist of? Influencers can help businesses in lots of different ways. Since we launched Goat in 2015, the global leading social media influencer agency, we have realized that influencers have been able to change businesses and help businesses in lots and lots of different ways. 

How can influencers help business? We’ve got influencers that can drive e-commerce revenue, influencers can drive amazing brand sentiment and awareness, influencers can attend events and get people to know about your brand, influencers can create content for your brands to use on their own channels, influencers can create content to be used on billboards, on TV ads, on a paid social. Influencers are fantastic, fantastic content creators and they have a voice, they have a story, and they also have an audience. All these things together make them a fantastic channel in order to invest in because you get everything in one. Is influencer marketing effective? Yes. You get fantastic content and you also get it distributed to an audience that care. Those are the two things in marketing really look to achieve at all times.


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Harry Hugo

Harry Hugo

Harry is a Goat Agency Co-Founder and an avid social media marketer. If you like his content, why not follow him on LinkedIn.

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