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Finding the right digital marketing agency to deliver the results you need can be difficult. The digital marketing landscape is vast with multiple marketing channels to coordinate. With the world of social continually growing and digital media becoming more popular, the demand for an expert digital marketing agency is rapidly increasing. 

The good thing about digital marketing is that it’s trackable so we can be targeted and transparent with the campaigns we create for our clients. Creating different content for each digital channel is important, and allows us to serve targeted towards specific audiences.

The Goat Agency’s co-founder, Harry Hugo answers some common questions we regularly receive about digital marketing and explains why we’re the best at what we do.

Digital Marketing Strategy

How can digital marketing help a business grow?

Digital marketing can help a business grow in lots and lots of different ways. The beauty of it is it’s all trackable. It’s all storable. We can collect email addresses. We can grow audiences. We can target audiences. We can convert people at different rates. We can send lots of different content. We can create unique content. It’s a plethora of tools that we can use at all times in order to get to audiences that we’ve wanted to get to for years and years and years. It’s just been a lot harder to do it.

Now those audiences are all sitting on social media accounts. They’re sitting on their email accounts. They’re sitting on things that aren’t traditional means of advertising. They’re not walking down the street and looking at the billboards like they used to. They’re looking at their phones. They’re looking at their Facebook feed. They’re looking at their Instagram account. They’re looking at all these different things, and in order to get to them now, in the time that we live in, we have to go through digital in order to get the attention of the audience.

Is digital marketing good for growth?

There’s some companies that have done really, really well over the last few years in order to disrupt the market and break through the noise. Gymshark, are a great example of a company that’s managed to do that. They have completely disrupted the fitness space and used influencer marketing as a great way to drive customer acquisition for their eCommerce platform. If we keep on e-commerce, we’ve also got the likes of ASOS and Boohoo who’ve massively disrupted the fashion market, become the fast fashion experts and created a model for eCommerce, influencer marketing and social media that has driven a huge amount of business growth. And then you’ve also got Estee Lauder who have switched a huge amount of their advertising spend. Over 75% of their advertising spent in 2020 will be on influencer marketing. That’s a huge change for such a big company and a really, really exciting way forward as we move into a world where social media is king. This is why digital marketing is important for growth.

What are digital advertising channels?

What are digital advertising channels? They’re everything that sit online. So that could be social media channels, which is obviously your Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram account. It’s the website that hosts your brands. It’s your CRM that you host addresses, databases of emails, names and customers. It’s your search marketing strategy.  It’s your PPC.

In order to drive customer acquisition and brand awareness for your brand through digital marketing, we want to bring all of those things together in order to drive the best results for your brand. The great thing about digital channels is they can all be tracked using third party analytics, which is really, really good when working with clients because we can see exactly what’s going on transparently and work to optimise the different levels of spend that we’re doing in all the different channels.


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Harry Hugo

Harry Hugo

Harry is a Goat Agency Co-Founder and an avid social media marketer. If you like his content, why not follow him on LinkedIn.

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