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Goat is the leading global influencer marketing agency. We live and breathe social media and we have the results to prove that influencers are the most effective marketing channel. Goat has been built on an ethos of creating influencer marketing campaigns that deliver guaranteed results. If you are looking to engage consumers online, we strongly recommend exploring influencer marketing as part of your advertising strategy this year in order to drive meaningful results. 

We work with a range of brands in various verticals to maximise their influencer marketing. Whether it’s awareness, acquisition, clicks or engagement that you are looking for, we have the data and expertise to prove that influencers are the most effective marketing channel. Over 4 years, we have collected data on every single campaign we have run internationally. This means we can make data-driven decisions in order to create the best influencer marketing campaign using our unique insights. Influencer marketing allows you to create and deliver niche content, to niche audiences, at scale. 

With influencer marketing becoming a much more prevalent digital marketing strategy, The Goat Agency’s co-founder, Harry Hugo explores some interesting questions and opinions about influencers below.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing has grown exponentially over the last four or five years. When we first launched Goat, which is the leading global social media and influencer agency, we saw budgets maybe hitting 0.1, 0.2% of total ad spend for brands. We were getting campaigns that we thought were big at £5,000, £10,000 for a two, three month period. Now, four, five years on, we’re seeing millions and millions of pounds spent on each campaign for influencers, for individual brands. So it’s grown a huge amount. People investing more and more as they see great return on investment.

Why you should use influencer marketing? We’re moving towards a time where it’s about five to 10% of all ad spend for brands, and I think where we’re going is between 20 and 25% of all brand ad spend will be on influencer marketing. But we are seeing examples like Estee Lauder who are spending 75% of all their global ad spend on influencer marketing in 2020, which is really, really exciting. We can see how much it’s developed from four or five years ago where that wasn’t even a conversation.

Is influencer marketing effective?

Influencer marketing is incredibly effective. It can drive all sorts of different KPIs. That’s right from the top of the funnel where it’s brand awareness, sentiment, people caring about your brand, all the way down to the bottom, which is about driving sales, driving ecommerce revenue, driving acquisition on your app, driving registrations, driving new followers on your Instagram account. What is a influencer in business? It could be anything. Influencers are an incredibly undervalued part of the marketing mix which can be leveraged for all sorts of different things.

How do you create an influencer marketing strategy?

I think there’s two different things to look at when you’re talking about influencer marketing. There’s influence marketing activations, which are one off brand activations with single influencers, which are very easy to do and I emplore you to go and do that yourself. And there’s also influencer marketing campaigns which needs to be much deeper thought through by the brands and by, potentially, the agency that they’re working with. They can be with multiple influencers at the same time, all driving towards the same goal, but they need to have different messaging. We need to be true to the different audiences we’re using with the influencers. We need to be understanding exactly what the audience is that we’re trying to target and what we’re trying to get them to do. And we need to be targeting down on one single KPI that we’re all trying to hit, be that acquisition, be that brand awareness, brand sentiment, it could be new registrations, all of these different things that influencers can affect.

Influencer marketing campaigns, when done effectively, are integrated with a wider marketing campaign that you’re trying to achieve as a brand. And I think it’s really important that influencer marketing isn’t tacked onto the end, but it’s actually involved at the start in order to drive the understanding of the social media campaign you’re trying to put together.

How do you find influencers?

I think there’s three different ways you can approach influencers to work with your brand. One, you can do it directly to the influencer across their Instagram account, through their email or whatever it might be. That has a much lower hit rate in order to get through to them. They get loads and loads of messages, both from their fans and from brands that are trying to work with them.

It can work, but it’s much less effective and the hit rate is much lower. How do you approach influencers to work with your brand? You can go through their talent agent, which are only ever going to sell you the influencer that they look after, which has its drawbacks. 

You can work with an agency who has a relationship with all the different influencers they work with, with loads of data to backup what works and what doesn’t, and loads of campaign experience to understand exactly how things are going to work and what things work. Also, an agency allows you to be results focused and not necessarily actually talent focused, which you get at the start of campaigns when you’re trying to identify the influencers in the first place.

How do you create an influencer marketing strategy?

The answer to this question is really simple and it should really be about how do you create a marketing strategy? Marketing is exactly the same as influencer marketing. It’s just a strand of it. Tacking influencer marketing onto the end of a marketing strategy is where people are falling down, and really you need to be integrating influencers into the heart of the marketing strategy you’re trying to put together.

One key thing to look at is key event planning, key dates for your brand, key dates for the audience that you’re trying to engage and looking at how you can activate around those key dates, or even create key dates for yourself, in order to activate against them and driving results over a short period of time definitely works better for influencer marketing.

What is an influencer?

Influencer marketing is defined for us around using people who have influence over their social community online to get them to act on something. We define an influencer as someone who you wouldn’t know, unless you follow them. This means that it’s someone who has a following, that cares about the thing that they’re talking about, but no one outside of that necessarily knows who they are because they don’t care about the thing they’re talking about as much as they do. This massively differentiates an influencer from a celebrity, of which we still think has a value, but we think that influencers have a greater value. Influencer marketing, when done correctly, is the most effective channel to drive ROI.

Should I use influencer marketing?

You should use influencer marketing because it’s incredibly cost effective. It drives fantastic ROI. It’s great for brand awareness. It can take lots of different boxes when it comes to content production, distribution, audience engagement, and really is becoming a focus for lots of different marketing strategies in order to drive the maximum possible engagement for the brand they’re trying to market.

Are social media influencers effective?

I think the beauty of social media and advertising is the way it can be used to target the audience who are actually trying to go after and also then retain the audience for a long time through content.

Traditionally, advertising has been all around hitting as many people as possible in order to try and find the right audience. We see that through TV. We see it through radio. We see it through billboards. But there’s no actual targeting down on the community you’re trying to hit. You’re trying to hit as many people as possible where you think the community might see it.

Social media allows you to be far more targeted on the people that you actually care about and spend money directly towards the people that are going to actually act on your product. Not only that, you can have people engage with your brand on an ongoing basis by getting them to follow you on Instagram or Facebook and engage them continually through great content. This will allow you to get them to buy your product multiple times without having to spend additional money.


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Harry Hugo

Harry Hugo

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