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We are the leading influencer-first social media marketing agency in the world. We have a deep passion for social media and love sharing our expertise with our clients. When executed properly, we know that social media can deliver the best results for businesses. 

When promoting your brand on social media, it’s important to ensure the account is managed by an expert or specialist, able to deliver your results. Social media marketing can allow you to target niche communities you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. Social media marketing is instant and reactive so you can gather data live in order to keep up to date with how well content or campaigns are performing. 

Our co-founder, Harry Hugo discusses some interesting questions about social media marketing and gives us some insight into key topics.

Social Media Marketing Advice

Does social media marketing add credibility?

A company’s social media marketing is really important its for credibility. People check Instagram, people check Facebook, people check Twitter, way before they check websites and anything else about your brand, or your restaurant, or whatever you’re trying to sell. People care about what content you’re putting on social media. People care that you exist on social media. Otherwise, they don’t even believe that you do exist. And I think that’s what’s really, really important and why social media is so interesting.

And then on top of that, creating great content on those platforms to further the credibility, allows people to see your brands and for you to cut through the noise of all the content that’s being created out there, and get people to buy from you, and care about the product you’re selling. This is how you can use social media for big brands effectively. 

How can social media marketing be used effectively?

How can social media be used effectively? It is definitely all about niche social content and niche social audiences at scale. What we mean by that is finding the different communities on social media that hold these audiences. With influencer marketing, it’s very easy. It’s looking at who the audience is and understanding what a social trend is. 

So if it’s a Liverpool fan page, that has Liverpool Football Club fans looking at the content they’re creating, then we know that’s the audience they have. We can then target using Liverpool- related social content to that audience to engage consumers online in the best possible way. And, if we can do that at scale, we can drive great results. 


How do you create a social media presence?

How do you create a strong social media presence? Creating a social media presence is really predicated on three different things. 

First of all, it’s all about the audience and increasing a social media following. 

Now you can only do that with the second thing, and that’s building great social media content. Create content that’s going to disrupt, create content that’s going to cut through the noise. There’s now so much content across social media in order to get people to care about the content you’re creating, you need to make it great. You need to make it emotionally impactful. You need to make people care about the things that you’re talking about. 

But, also the third thing is about community. You need to engage with the people that engage with you to grow your social media presence. You need to engage with people that are creating content similar to you on their profile in order to bring them across, and you need to position yourself in the industry you’re in, and in a very different way to how other people are.


How to grow a social media following?

How to improve a social media following is really simple. You need to create content that people care about. You need to identify exactly who your audience is and how they interact with you online and how they interact with other people online. And you need to be consistent, you need to be frequent. You need to look at other people and how they’re growing their accounts. And that’s normally due to great social content and frequency. That could be YouTube, where you’re posting every week, on a Sunday at 6:00 PM, where people know exactly where to go and that creates a frequency. 

Or also, you can create social media frequency by posting three or four times a day on your Instagram accounts. It’s completely down to the brand, but I think the key thing is identifying the audience from the get go as to who exactly you’re trying to target, creating great content. Content that’s going to disrupt, content that’s going to cut through the noise because there’s so much of it out there. And also having frequency of posting that is going to make people engage on a constant basis.


Is Instagram good for marketing?

What’s the best social media channel in 2020? Instagram.

The beauty of Instagram is how fast it’s grown in such a short amount of time. There’s now over 650 million active users, it has three different main parts of the app. We’ve got Instagram stories, it’s got Instagram feed or grid, and it’s got IGTV.

Now, let’s go through those three. Instagram stories allows people to see what the brand or the person’s been doing over the last 24 hours before it’s deleted. It allows a swipe up function which means that people can put a link from the Instagram story to an external website, which allows people to drive people to their own website or other external landing pages.

We’ve got the Instagram feed, or grid, which allows people to really, really show off aesthetically what they’re doing through video and photo content which allows people to engage and create frequency of posting.

It also has a fantastic paid social ad platform, backed by Facebook, which allows brands and people to advertise to the users they’re trying to get to, or, the audience they’re trying to get to, at a very competitive price.

And then IGTV, which is something that’s been brought in relatively recently by Instagram in order to really tackle the long form content side of social media, which is really, really growing in the last few years. This is one of the recent trends in social media marketing.


Is social media a good way to advertise?

Social media is a great way to advertise if you’re looking to target down on a specific community that you’re going after in order to buy your products or make them aware of it. The fantastic thing about social media is how targeted you can be.

If you want to go to after gardeners in Spain, you can. You can target it using Facebook ads. You can target it using Instagram account. You can target it using influences. You have that community following them, so it’s a fantastic way to target down the audience you’re trying to market to and buy your product.


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Harry Hugo

Harry Hugo

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