Absolut Juice Event


As part of the campaign to launch the new Absolut Juice range, we suggested an additional experience day where we would select some of the best performing influencers and send them on an “Absolut Adventure”. In order to stay in line with the Scandinavian-inspired brief, we presented influencers as ambassadors of the brand, taking their followers along to a Terrarium workshop, dinner and drinks in the heart of Shoreditch. We felt that this creative experience day would highlight how the drink is a valuable aspect of the “Scandi Summer” vibe, aligning the activation more closely with the desired brand perception that Absolut wanted to promote.


We chose an intimate location boasting natural light and wooden features, as this was in line with the Scandinavian vibe that Absolut wanted to promote. We then contracted a Terrarium workshop company from the Shoreditch area, as they had previous experience in creating terrariums in alcohol bottles – a USP that we felt would be ideal for the Absolut Juice event. We then decided to use the Absolut Juice bottles as decorations to optimise on brand presence without interfering with the workshop space, placing them around the venue to provide an authentic background for influencers’ Instagram Stories.

The event itself was a huge success, with both the influencers and the brand representatives giving incredibly positive feedback. As Absolut Juice is a drink to enjoy with friends, we encouraged all influencers to bring a plus one to the event in order to make it more enjoyable to attend, as well as staying in line with the brief.

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