Goat supported Kazoo with the launch of Bethesda’s Prey game using YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Nine YouTubers attended the Prey launch event and created a dedicated YouTube video with a competition mechanic in the first minute of each video to win a targeted prize.


The YouTubers attended the launch event at Bethesda’s headquarters to play and record two hours of exclusive Prey content prior to the game’s launch. The influencers published their videos at peak times once the embargo was lifted and Bethesda had given their approval. All videos contained a strong CTA instructing viewers to enter the Prey giveaway over on their Facebook page and all descriptions included links directing to a ‘more information’ page. Once their content was live, the YouTubers then plugged their videos across their socials channels.

We then selected highly engaged influencers within the gaming community to post about the Prey competition once it was live on the official Prey Facebook page. The YouTubers then made another post across their Twitter and Facebook accounts with very transparent and direct messaging, including the #Prey and #LetsPrey hashtags, to highlight the Prey competition.


  • YouTube videos
  • reach
  • impressions
  • engagements (including YouTube views)
  • video views
  • competition clicks

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