Xplora’s Smartwatches are aimed at young children who have not yet had a mobile phone. The watch gives parents control over who calls their child, what they can see and ultimately looks to keep them safe.

To launch the product in the United Kingdom, we were not only tasked with driving sales, but raising general awareness of the brand and ensuring it was a trusted brand within a new market.


We used a combination of YouTube and Instagram to launch Xplora in the UK.

On YouTube, we had the watch featured in family vlogs. This really helped show the functionality of the Xplora product. This strategy garnered incredible engagement and when combined with our drip-fed Instagram activity, created an intergrated campaign that delivered great results for Xplora.

The aforementioned Instagram activity was done using some of the highest-engaged Mummy Blogger accounts. We sent products out to all of the influencers and they then gave positive reviews. Clicks were measured and directed using links in Instagram bios.


  • reach
  • video views
  • engagements
  • clicks

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