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Welcome to Goat, where we run paid media marketing campaigns that deliver real results. Whether you want awareness through video views and engagement or if you want to go a bit deeper with guaranteed CPV, CPA or downloads; we can help.

We’ve run influencer-first paid media campaigns around the world for everyone from FTSE 100 brands to start-up marketing campaigns. Working with influencers that we know will deliver the best value for your business, we are a paid media agency with a results focus.

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Why paid media

What is paid media exactly, and what value can it have for your business? Paid media is the sponsored content you see across social and other marketing channels to increase a brand’s presence and drive desired customer behaviour. When working on a marketing campaign it is important to include paid media to support a holistic campaign. Consumers are turning to online information sources more and more to inform their purchasing behaviour and paid media allows you to position your brand in that space. We are a paid media agency that delivers results with influencer-first campaigns.

With an increasing number of people using social to communicate their brand, the market has become savvy and digital marketing has become more sophisticated. This has enabled online marketers to increase the relevancy of their ads and ensure they’re adding value to customers lives. One fantastic way of using paid social media campaigns is influencer marketing and its possibilities are endless.

Whether you are supporting traditional marketing campaigns, building social first strategies or using influencers at the core, paid social media campaigns are important to reaching your audience in an effective way. Ad blindness and blockers are a symptom of an overly saturated market, with irrelevant ads and boring content. Paid social media campaigns allow your brand to creatively and effectively reach your audience in a positive manner.

Influencers as paid media marketing

Influencers are an effective channel of paid media marketing due to their range in personalities, styles, and their relationships with the target market. Goat was launched in August 2015 as a solely influencer-focused agency, although we now are an influencer-first marketing agency. As our clients have ranged across all industries we have had to innovate and experiment to find the most effective marketing channels for our specific clients. Whether this has been creating ambassador programmes for fashion brands such as New Look or creating the world’s first live sports broadcast on YouTube using influencer talent as presenters – Goat has extensive experience and insight with paid media and how to apply it effectively for your business.

Influencers are a third-party trusted recommendation; they work so well as a paid media channel thanks to their established trust, high reach, and targeting of target markets. Social media strategies are adopting influencer marketing as a staple of campaigns, with the most innovative brands adopting influencer-first creative strategies to stand out from the crowd. By putting influencers at the heart of your paid media strategy, you are able to access their audience and build a relationship with a trusted source of information. As mentioned previously, consumers are looking more and more to online sources to guide their purchasing behaviour and so unlocking this route to market is key.

Why Goat as your paid media agency

Goat runs award-winning paid social media campaigns for top brands with an influencer-first approach because we know this is the most effective marketing channel for brands. Whilst working together previously, our three founders recognised the power of influencer marketing whilst working client side. Despite pouring budget into traditional tv, sponsorship and other advertising routes, influencers were delivering the highest ROI and best results across the entire campaign. They then left to set up Goat, inspired by their client-side experience and driven to deliver real value and effective marketing to the industry.

One of the key differentiators Arron, Nick and Harry found was the perceived untrackable nature of paid social media. So since day one, Goat has always guaranteed results on paid social media campaigns. Whether that is views, engagements, downloads, acquisition, new clients, or any other KPI deemed the key outcome of the campaign: Goat has always guaranteed and we have always delivered.

As an influencer-first agency, we’ve found that these creators are the most effective marketing channel to reaching your audience when used correctly. They are a highly relevant and trusted source of information so when they choose to work with your brand and promote it to their channel, their audience know they believe in it. This is the authenticity and trust that adds value to influencers as a paid media channel that no traditional media can. Billboards don’t have personalities, they aren’t a trusted source of information, and they aren’t trackable. Celebrity endorsement has the great value of reach and endorsement; however, influencers have built relationships with their followers due to delivering great relatable content. This places them between the fantastic high reach and credibility of a celebrity, with the trusted recommendation of a friend or family. Influencers are able to reach niche audiences through specific content, and when engaged correctly can bring together the benefits of traditional marketing into one incredibly effective paid social media channel. We are the paid media agency that can deliver those effective campaigns.

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