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Paid social agency with guaranteed results.

Welcome to Goat, where we run paid social marketing campaigns that deliver real results. Whether you want awareness through video views and engagement or if you want to go a bit deeper with guaranteed CPV, CPA or downloads; we can help.

We’ve run influencer marketing campaigns around the world for everyone from FTSE 100 brands to start-up marketing campaigns. Working with influencers that we know will deliver the best value for your business, we are an influencer marketing agency with a results focus.

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The future of Paid Social

Paid social agencies deliver online marketing campaigns to get your brand noticed. Goat goes beyond this as an influencer-first paid social agency that guarantees results, thereby only delivering the highest value campaigns to our clients.

Paid social has been an evolving market since in the internet and social media platforms first launched. The importance of paid social in your marketing strategy is undeniable as consumers turn more and more to online sources for their information. This information directly influences their behaviour and directs their choices. This has been apparent to those in industry for some time.

However, with ad blocker and ad blindness becoming a growing trend and consumers turning away from irrelevant pushy advertising, how can brands remain relevant through this channel? Influencer marketing as a form of paid social has been developing for a number of years as people have become content creators and shared their passions with communities online. It is now the most effective channel for reaching your audience.

Why influencers as a paid social channel

Beyond placing a product in an influencer’s hand, influencer marketing strategies are becoming increasingly sophisticated. At Goat we create and deliver the most innovative and industry pushing influencer marketing campaigns in the world. From our award-winning Formula E Season 4 campaign which won the International Performance Marketing Awards’ Influencer Marketing Campaign of the Year 2018, to throwing parkour stars off a 5 storey building onto our client’s mattresses to showcase how sturdy they are… we are truly pushing the creative boundaries of paid social media.

Goat is built on a foundation of delivering guaranteed results for our clients. These can vary from client and campaign and can be anything from views, engagement and vanity metrics to deeper level new user acquisition, downloads, website traffic etc. As a paid social agency, we are able to deliver guaranteed results on every single campaign and on average deliver 138% of these.

Examples of Paid Social Success

Our Formula E Season 4 campaign worked with over 250 influencers in 11 countries and 7 languages. Goat were challenged by Formula E to help them become the most innovative and digitally focused mass market sport there is; a tall order in such a competitive industry. As part of an all-agency team Goat have developed strategic activations using different tiers of influencers to attend race weekends across the whole season.

We are now running Formula E’s Season 5 campaign to deliver the Formula E Voltage Show. Working with top influencer talent as presenters, we have created a unique new live sports broadcast that attracts a new audience to the electric motorsport.

Why Goat as your paid social agency

Goat is the paid social agency for you as we are born from client-side struggles. Our founders realised the power of influencer marketing whilst running their own campaigns and set up Goat in August 2015 to deliver this value to clients just like them. They are committed to creating paid social media campaigns that deliver results.

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