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Food and drink influencer marketing case studies:

The food influencer world is made up of ‘pages’, ‘individuals’. The pages are faceless, they don’t have a human name but they have massive reach and can deliver incredible value from a broad audience. Individuals are actual people, food and drink content creators with a more specific, localised social community. Increasingly a third option is emerging, the major food and drink social publisher, creating daily recipe video content for the mass market foodie consumer, eager to tag a friend so they can try making the creme egg wantons at home this weekend.

Our work with food and drink influencers is diverse. We build food and drink influencer Programmes for some of the world’s biggest brands like Malibu and Jacobs Creek, we amplify video content for the likes of Absolut Vodka and Estrella and build creative YouTube strategies for KFC. That’s not to say we don’t work with small businesses, we still help restaurant chains drive footfall and ensure influencers are attending tasting sessions and exclusive events.

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Absolut Juice Event

Influencers go on an Absolut Adventure experience day



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Estrella Damm

A Taste of Estrella


Jacob’s Creek

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