Snapchat Influencer Marketing poses a challenge to many brands; as an elusive platform with no discovery functions, brands must drive traffic to their own snapchat feed from other communication channels. Particularly popular with younger audiences, Snapchat marketing poses great opportunities for brands, but only if they can access their market.

This is where influencer marketing on Snapchat comes to the rescue, as followers are already engaging with the influencer’s channel on the platform. This existing relationship, content creation and reach creates an easy gateway for brands to access their audience. Selecting the best influencer for this collaboration is where Goat comes in, with a network of over 30,000 influencers we are able use data and metrics to identify the best influencers for your brand and campaign. Data insights from past campaigns including clicks, downloads and purchases driven mean we are able to guarantee KPIs, such as clicks, video views, conversions and engagement, and deliver these at 144% on average.

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