TikTok / Musical.ly

TikTok was a relatively unknown app until recently when it bought out Musical.ly. Whilst the two apps had different name, they were the exact same entity that owner Bytedance were testing in different markets. With TikTok raking in over 600m users in the Chinese market compared to Musical.ly’s 200m, the owners decided to merge the two to create one entity.

They have now merged into TikTok with features such as reactions and enhanced creativity tools. With an aim to reach an ever-global audience, TikTok and Musical.ly feature influencers popular with young audiences. With fun video editing features, instant likes and global content, this social site is connecting people with great content.

To run effective influencer marketing campaigns on musical.ly requires understanding the nuances of the platform and effectively integrating products into the channel. To find out more about Goat and Musical.ly
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