YouTube could be seen as the pinnacle of social media influencer marketing; a site with millions of active and highly engaged audiences. There is a familiarity and intimacy in the relationship between YouTube influencers and their followers. Fans feel personally connected to their chosen YouTube personalities. This loyalty inevitably leads the fan to trust what they are told on that influencer channel. This is not to say that YouTube influencer marketing is an automatic win. Goat has key expertise in ensuring a campaign’s success by linking a brand with the relevant YouTube influencer whilst maintaining authenticity to their channel. It is crucial to preserve an authentic feel to the YouTube page in a bid to uphold the fans’ loyalty and trust in their influencer.

Top 3 Ways to use YouTube Influencer Marketing:

1. A product or service review by an influencer
2. Highly visual content such as travel blogs or destination videos featuring the brand
3. Product placement within videos

The key point here is engaging content, the very same content the channel always features to entertain and engage their followers. At Goat, our focus is matching brands with influencers, whereby ensuring any promotions and collaborations seamlessly fit with the brands and influencer authenticity.

But how could you use YouTube influencers to promote products such as mattresses?

Well, we did just that for the mattress brand Simba. We looked at the content from the parkour community and saw how the product could fit into the content they already produced, and feature as a leading role. So we produced this video, where Parkour influencers used the mattresses to save their lives as they jumped from buildings. This content was highly engaged with, entertaining and hit the clients key KPI; site clicks. Goat’s YouTube influencer marketing campaign delivered real business value effectively, even for the most unlikely product.

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