Why Influencer Platforms don’t work

What makes an influencer effective?

It is so much more than likes, followers or even engagements. Influencers are a culmination of their;

  • Audience engagement
  • Ability to drive clicks
  • Relationship with followers
  • Reach
  • Quality of content
  • Resonance of content with your brand
  • History of promoting other brands
  • Lifestyle
  • Cost per post/story

This cannot be summarised on a platform, it takes a human eye and experience to judge whether an influencer is right for your platform. The data on these platforms can also be misleading or limited. Having a data-human hybrid approach allows our team to compare all the above with insights into how an influencer has performed in the past. Pairing deeper level data such as click-through-rate with the quality of content and resonance with the brand makes for superior influencer selection. With a team who screen over 200 influencers individually every week their experience and understanding is unparalleled. This expertise allows Goat to guarantee results from influencers, something no platform does.

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