Why Us?

Traditional advertising channels are in decline. We’re sick of being fed adverts and we’re becoming more and more savvy in how we respond to them. Increasingly consumers are using ad-blocker, they’re skipping TV ads, they’re getting their news on social rather than through a newspaper or website. Over the last decade, Facebook and other platforms have been swallowing marketing budgets and helping brands pinpoint their strategies based on native platform analytics. We’re not saying that doesn’t work, but with the right knowledge, an influencer strategy will deliver better results across the same metrics, tracked through the same native platform analytics.

People live in social communities. If you follow one Arsenal fan page you’ll follow 20+. You don’t just follow one mummy blogger, you follow 30. At Goat, because we have no bias in terms of which influencers we use, we have the unique ability to genuinely saturate these social communities and hit the target consumer multiple times over the course of an influencer marketing campaign. The communities can be as broad as a global 16 – 24 year old audience all the way through to US college students, German mums with children under five or the UK Grime scene.

The Different Influencer Options


We are a completely neutral influencer agency that uses data through our unique CRM system and campaign experience to ensure we are always using the most effective influencers in order to hit the clients KPI’s.

We've worked on
using over
and we're responsible for
posts per week

which means we have data that no one else does...

We have unique data that we have built through tracking thousands of influencer posts over the past 4 years.

This enables us to know what will happen when we use “x” influencers, rather than guess.

How we Saturate A Community

Campaign Timeline Example: The Grime Community


As the largest neutral influencer agency in Europe, we have built great relationships with influencers across the world. While we represent no one individually our reputation precedes us.

This allows us to get influencers to work on minutes notice pre-contract as we have built trust through the market. This flexibility is crucial to success.