Formula E

We were awarded the Formula E global influencer RFP at the end of Season 3, when the sport was in its infancy. Our objective? Increase TV viewership, drive ticket sales and dramatically increase the engagement on social around the electric racing series. 

Delivering a truly global strategy, we activated both global hero influencers, and a layer of smaller, local influencers, to every race on the calendar, from Santiago to Hong Kong. We leveraged influencers to create content designed to drive awareness and growth of the sport and really showcase the fast-paced action and overall experience of a Formula E race.

We also worked on the revolutionary YouTube-live show, Voltage, which broadcast Formula E races live with the help of some of YouTube’s most recognizable faces. This gained over 500,000 views an episode and showed a glimpse into the future of sports broadcasting for millennials. Lastly, we partnered with Formula E as a distribution outlet for their vast array of video content. On this, we delivered over 40m video views in Season 4 alone and ensured hundreds of millions of people were introduced to the Formula E brand.

Below are some of the results from Seasons 4 and 5:

The campaign drove 105m+ views across all content

Total of 144.5m Impressions across the campaign duration

The campaign received 10.3m engagements

3.3k+ Total Posts were created

Formula E Body Full - The Goat Agency


Top YouTuber for over-delivery and quality of content

Formula E - The Goat Agency