As the beauty industry has been at the forefront of social and marketing innovation in the recent years, creating a challenge for traditional high street stores like Superdrug, it was Goat’s job to ensure Superdrug stays relevant to the Gen Z and millennial consumer.

We created the “Superdrug Collective”, a 12-month long campaign across Instagram (Posts, Stories, Reels), YouTube and TikTok, with supporting paid media. TikTok was essential in this structure to show the audience Superdrug understood how best to speak to them.

To decide which products influencers featured, our insights team looked at trending products across the web and social. This data was then overlaid with personal recommendations from influencers and Superdrug’s buying team on product availability. As well as covering five of their major product categories, we also built in a two tiered approach to influencing selection – ‘Experts’ and ‘Collective’. Each category had one expert, who would kick start the conversation, increasing credibility of Superdrug and its products. ‘Collective’ influencers then followed, tagging the ‘Expert’ to look as organic as possible. TikTok influencers created the fast, snappy but educational content that the platform is famous for, collectively receiving 89,000 views/engagements. The cross-channel approach and exclusivity terms ensured influencers looked like ambassadors as opposed to producing one-off posts.

On top of the social content, some influencers were also involved in the filming of Superdrug’s TV advert to be used in a wider, above the line strategy – a great solution during Covid lockdowns when full studio teams can’t group together.

We achieved a 241% VTR on Instagram Reels

Our CPM on the campaign was £21.30

Used influencers for above the line media


makeupizzy has a highly engaged, Gen Z audience who are inspired by her self taught makeup skills, which helped her to an engagement rate of 17.4%

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