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What will you get?

Every Tuesday, the Goat team will bring you three stories from the worlds of social media, advertising, Gen Z/Gen Alpha and influencer marketing.

But instead of the headline news that, let’s be honest, you’ve probably already seen all over LinkedIn, we’re focusing on the stories that may have slipped under your radar…

Whether it’s an innovative brand campaign, a lesser-known TikTok trend, or a consumer behaviour change that could have a real impact on future social media strategies, we hope at least one of these stories will kickstart an interesting idea or conversation!

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So, how can you use it?

Aside from impressing your colleagues with some niche social media knowledge…

Ultimately, we want to provide you with information and insights that will genuinely help to make informed decisions around your social media and influencer marketing strategies.

Every story will be overlaid with tips and expertize from the Goat team, helping to bring to life the story with actionable insights for your marketing strategy.

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