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Influencer Marketing

Goat was one of the first agencies to harness the power of influencer marketing for brands. Founded in 2015, we’re now the world’s leading influencer marketing agency, and have delivered thousands of campaigns for brands across InstagramTikTokYouTube, Twitch and more.

We see influencer as a full-funnel marketing channel, and we work with clients to devise strategies that will meet their objectives; whether it’s to drive brand awareness and consideration, or conversions, installs and sign ups.

Our client work ranges from short term influencer campaigns for brand awareness and new product launches, to long term ambassador and always-on influencer programmes to build brand love and loyalty.

Our approach to influencer selection comes from the performance data within our CRM, which tracks over 60K influencers and monitors the results of all influencer-led campaigns. We combine this data with real human relationship management, social-first creative strategy, paid media, and expert tracking, measurement, optimization and reporting.


Social Media Strategy

Our in-house team of social strategists work with our brand partners to deliver best in class creative ideas.

They come up with incredible ideas that will get your brand noticed on social; from attention-grabbing PR stunts and experiential events, to out of home activations and award-winning influencer campaigns.

They work alongside our in-house Insights team to ensure all ideas are routed in data, as well as our Campaigns and Accounts team to bring these creative ideas to life. They can also work directly with brands to advise on an overarching social media and brand strategy.


Social Media Management

We can offer full-service social media channel management for our clients across key platforms.

Dedicated Social Media Managers and Community Managers work alongside our Paid Social, Strategy and Content Production teams to develop and execute bespoke social media strategies for brands across a range of verticals.

With this level of service, combined with our capabilities in influencer marketing, we’re able to help brands grow their following and engagement across social media.


Content Production

At Goat, we have an in-house video production and design department that work in collaboration with our Campaigns and Paid Social teams to produce social assets for our retained brand partners.

This involves the creation of original branded video content, imagery, motion graphics, original sounds and AR filters, as well as optimized and repurposed influencer content. These can then all be used within our influencer marketing and paid social campaigns.

Goat itself is well known for production of its own branded content including the famous Goat Daily Vlog! Check out our work on our YouTube channel.


Time to get started

The Goat Agency has over 8 years experience, specializing in social media marketing powered by influencers. To find out more about how we launch industry-leading campaigns across the world, contact us below.

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Social Media Marketing Experts Offering Guaranteed Results

Our team of social natives possesses a deep understanding of social, and it’s platforms and algorithms, which enables us to create compelling strategies tailored to your unique goals. From creating best-in-class content to spearheading industry-leading influencer campaigns, we ensure that your brand stands out from the crowd.
Using data-driven insights, targeted paid media, and creative prowess, we’re dedicated to helping your brand tap into the potential of social media. Using a centralized approach to global marketing, we can help you reach new audiences, understand cultural nuances, and expand into untapped markets.

2K+ Campaigns across social media
60K+ Influencers' data
100K+ social posts



Goat specializes in connecting leading brands with diverse, hyper-engaged audiences anywhere in the world through social and influencer marketing. Our team consists of 350+ employees across multiple markets and we have delivered campaigns in over 70 countries and in 28 different languages.

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Discover the Power of Social

Social media is indispensable for brands. The power lies within its ability to amplify brand identity, foster meaningful relationships with consumers, and engage online communities through compelling content.

Brands can engage with audiences in real-time, hold authentic conversations, and understand consumers better through analytics and social listening methods. Brands using social can leverage data-driven insights, and track audience behavior, ensuring that the right messages are delivered to the right people, at the right time.

Social media is a powerful tool for driving traffic to your website, lead gen, and even sales conversions. Promoting products or services through targeted influencer, and paid media, content enables brands to reach a wider audience and drive traffic externally.

Are you ready to gain the competitive edge, foster meaningful connections with your consumers, and plant the seeds for long-term business success? Invest in social today.



Find out how leveraging social media and influencer marketing can drive results for your brand, at every stage of the funnel. Goat can help.



What is social first marketing?

Social-first means your social media strategy comes first. This approach prioritizes social media platforms as the primary channels for brand communication and engagement, leveraging their unique features and capabilities.

What social media platform do you use?

Our campaigns run across all major platforms including InstagramTwitchTikTokYouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat

Do all brands need social media marketing?

While not all brands may necessarily NEED social media marketing, it is an increasingly powerful tool in today’s landscape. Social provides a platform for brand awareness, customer engagement, and building trusted connections with a target audience. Brands that aren’t on social risk being left behind.

Are all campaigns data-led?

We employ a data-driven strategy to all our influencer-led campaigns to ensure that we are delivering content that meets the behaviours and requirements from each targeted audience.

Why choose Goat?

Not only are we a full-service, full funnel social media marketing agency, we’re also centralized, globally. This means we can help you expand to new audiences, discover new markets and generate meaningful connections across the globe, all within the same partnership.

What is the typical campaign lead time?

We typically work to a four-week lead time, but ultimately this will depend on the nature of the campaign.

How do you vet influencers?

We have developed a number of bespoke hygiene screening tools and conduct a thorough, manual investigation into each influencer and their feed, going back as far as two years in order to properly assess the influencer’s eligibility and suitability for a campaign.

Once the hygiene screening is complete and confirmed, Goat staff will produce an extensive cross section of potential influencers and share them with the client for approval. This allows the client to see the planned direction for influencer selection and gauge an idea of the variety that is likely to be used.

Once signed off, the team can begin contacting and contracting influencers, providing a detailed brief, as well as guidance, where necessary.

The vetting process also extends to all content, which is thoroughly checked and considered before anything is published.

What makes Goat different from other agencies?

Goat offers a combination of specialized industry expertise on a global scale that enables us to dedicate the appropriate time, resource and people to each of our clients. Our unbiased and neutral influencer selection and vetting process sets us apart from talent management agencies and our data-driven insights, paired with our human-centric approach, gives each client the personalized experience they deserve.

How do you find influencers?

To find the perfect influencers for our clients, we predominantly use our internal CRM tool, which incorporates the data of over 100,000 influencers. This extensive database houses key information, metrics and KPIs for every single influencer within it, allowing us to hone in on the most granular detail to guide our decision making. This detail, combined with the unparalleled knowledge within our team, allows us to see far beyond vanity metrics, enabling us to register the true value of each influencer.

In addition to using influencers, we have previous campaign performance data on, our insights team are constantly looking to source the most appropriate and relevant talent for the strategy we have.

How does influencer marketing integrate with my other digital marketing channels?

We are able to integrate our work seamlessly into the client’s overall digital marketing strategy as we often collaborate with other agencies on in-house media plans. We are able to support overall digital campaign objectives through driving audiences to your landing pages, increasing the social following of your branded channels and delivering measurable results through a combination of organic and paid influencer content.

Does influencer marketing always work?

Based on our experience, yes – or at least 99% of the time. Influencer marketing is the best way to get your content in front of the right audience in an authentic and relevant manner, leveraging the power of word of mouth and social proof. We have delivered over 2,000 successful campaigns worldwide, for a variety of brands, offering a diverse range of products and services. Whatever your objective may be, our expert team is able to deliver industry-leading results from the top of the funnel to the bottom.

What countries do the Goat Agency work in and cover?

The Goat Agency team consists of multinational, multilingual staff and local experts who work across 70 countries and deliver content in more than 38 different languages.

From 3 main remote working hubs in the UKUSAAsia-Pacific, covering all time zones, and ensuring the sun never sets on Goat.

Can the Goat Agency run campaigns in multiple languages?

Yes. We have 350+ multinational and multilingual staff across the globe and regularly run campaigns in multiple regions and languages for some of the world’s leading brands.


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