Georgia Weiner

Insights Executive at The Goat Agency

BY: Georgia Weiner 29/07/2022

HFSS restrictions set to transform the food and beverage sector

To keep pace with growing concerns for public health, a new series of HFSS (high fat, salt and sugar) restrictions are being put in place on the promotion of certain foods. These rules encourage food and drink businesses to produce and promote healthier foods and lifestyles. Food and drink brands, like most brands in 2022,
BY: Georgia Weiner 15/07/2022

Are Reels Transforming Instagram Into An Entertainment Platform?

Since launching in 2010, Instagram has established itself as the image-sharing platform, filled with carefully curated content, showcasing the very best moments of its 1.2 billion + active monthly users. However, Instagram wants to adapt, or rather needs to, in order to compete with TikTok. Fading are the days when social media users want to
BY: Georgia Weiner 06/05/2022

The Future Of Twitter Under The Ownership Of Elon Musk

The internet has exploded with the news that Elon Musk is purchasing Twitter! It seems our social feeds are filled to the brim with discussions of Elon and Twitter … and there are no signs of this ending anytime soon. Indeed Twitter’s share price skyrocketed after the announcement of the successful bid, nevertheless, disruptive developments
BY: Georgia Weiner 25/01/2022

Why Brands Should Be Investing in Podcast Advertisements: The Importance of Audio on Social and Beyond

It’s no secret by now that audio content is having a moment! Globally, listening rates to audio content have increased with people wanting to connect due to heightened feelings of loneliness and isolation. In 2021, Spotify reported that 72% of Millennials in the UK viewed podcasts as a mental health resource, and in that year
BY: Georgia Weiner 25/08/2021


The body confidence movement has gained huge momentum over the past few years, with social media acting as a catalyst. This movement has much in part been driven by plus-size influencers who have aimed to normalize different body types, especially within fashion, whilst putting pressure on brands to move away from just representing one size.