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Insights Executive at The Goat Agency

BY: Rowan Byers 23/08/2023

Exploring TikTok Gaming – Opportunities for Brands and How it Ranks Against Strong Competitors

TikTok gaming is booming. Traditionally YouTube, and Twitch are the first that come to mind when we picture the gaming industry, but with 82% of TikTok users playing games at least once a week, it’s no surprise that the vertical has started to gain traction on TikTok.  How does TikTok rank among its competitors? And what steps can brands take to tap into the gaming industry using TikTok? Let’s find out.
BY: Rowan Byers 21/08/2023

Threads Marketing – A Whole New World of Opportunity for Brands? 

Threads is the new kid on the social media block. Reaching 100 million users in under a week, the app replaced ChatGPT as the fastest to reach the milestone, ever. Threads’ initial boom would prove hard to maintain, and the platform has since seen a significant drop in engagement. How does Threads fare as a marketing tool? While the platform is still in its proverbial toddler years, brands have been quick to adopt a Threads strategy. So, what are the marketing opportunities? Let’s find out.
BY: Rowan Byers 16/08/2023

Marketing Tips For Luxury Brands on TikTok – How To Reach Gen Z

More and more luxury brands have joined TikTok, shining a light on the potential for reaching new, younger audiences (Gen Z and Alpha will soon make up a significant portion of the market). Social has become the top source of brand and product discovery for Gen Z with 40% using Instagram and TikTok for search
BY: Rowan Byers 09/08/2023

Getting Your Brand’s Festival Activations Right (and Examples of Festival Marketing)

We’re at the peak of summer 2023, which means festival season is in full swing. Each year brands tuck away some of their marketing budget in preparation for the season’s biggest events. Festivals are the hottest tickets for brands looking to get their name out there. They are also great opportunities for brands to experiment with new marketing strategies, reach new audiences, and foster better relationships with consumers.  So, what are the guidelines? What can we learn from the likes of Spotify, Absolut, and other big name brands that activate around the biggest festivals. How can brands nail festival marketing? Let’s find out.
BY: Rowan Byers 07/08/2023

Introducing Twitch Stories & Discovery Feed – What Does the Move Away From ‘Live Only’ Content Mean for Brands?

So TwitchCon Paris happened, and we learned that Twitch is receiving a host of new tools and formats designed to improve the user experience, and get behind its creative talent. Among the announcements were Twitch Stories and a Twitch Discovery Feed, two formats that would mean Twitch is moving away from a ‘live only’ formula, for the first time.  What do these new features mean for Twitch, brands, and the wider social landscape? Let’s find out.
BY: Rowan Byers 17/07/2023

How Are Brands Affected By Creators Leaving Twitch?

While Twitch is currently still the largest platform, and holder of the largest portion of the livestream market, it has come under fire (again) recently. Changes to Twitch’s policy saw an uproar from creators threatening to abandon ship. The rise of streaming platform Kick is another blow to Twitch, on the surface.  What’s really going on, and more importantly what impact does a creator exodus have on brands’ Twitch marketing strategies?
BY: Rowan Byers 13/07/2023

7 Days of Threads – The Record Breaking Social Platform

Threads is the latest platform to sweep the social media landscape, and perhaps the most poignant to do so since TikTok. Powered by Instagram, in turn owned by Meta, the platform clocked 10 million users in the first seven hours, 30 million within a day, and 100 million as its first week closed. Just how powerful is Meta's Threads app, and will it have an impact on the wider social media landscape? Let’s find out.
BY: Rowan Byers 03/07/2023

YouTube Connected TV is Growing – What Advertisers Need to Know

We delve into the world of YouTube CTV, exploring its rapid growth, the reasons behind its increasing popularity, and the benefits it offers both viewers and advertisers. We'll also explore how YouTube is strengthening its CTV offering and how advertisers can make the most of this growing consumption trend.
BY: Rowan Byers 13/06/2023

Report: How Your Brand Can Level Up In The Gamerverse 2023

In this exclusive Goat Report, we explore how brands can build connection and cultural relevance within the gaming community through technology, creators and innovation.
BY: Rowan Byers 13/06/2023

The Top 7 Gaming Marketing Campaigns Using Influencer & Social Media Marketing

The gaming industry has experienced exponential growth in recent years, surpassing traditional forms of entertainment such as TV, music, and film. With over 227 million Americans playing video games regularly, the gaming market presents a unique opportunity for brands to connect with a diverse and engaged audience.
BY: Rowan Byers 08/06/2023

Cross Channel Influencer Marketing Campaigns – Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Cross channel marketing is the way forward for brands looking to maximize their reach, levels of engagement and overall presence across digital channels. Add influencer to that, and you’ve got a surefire method for tapping into engaged communities throughout multiple channels across the digital hemisphere.  But what you’re probably looking for is how to implement a cross channel marketing strategy, and what are the benefits of influencer marketing? Stick with us on this one, we’ll be looking at closely at cross channel marketing, how to integrate an influencer marketing strategy and some of the top tips for brands looking to get started.
BY: Rowan Byers 15/05/2023

YouTube Live Streamed Coachella’s Main Stages: What does this mean for the music industry?

Music fans tuned in live to Coachella’s six main stages this year. With a continued partnership until 2026, YouTube will continue to bring the Coachella experience to millions online. But what does this mean for the music industry, artists and the broader social community? Join us as we look a little closer at YouTube’s growing partnership with Coachella, and what this relationship ACTUALLY means.